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Welcome to the Toronto Club of Intellectual Games

This is the website of the Toronto Club of Intellectual Games. The Club was founded in 2000 by a group of Russian speaking Canadians in order to promote a quiz game What? Where? When?, which is very popular in Russia. The game (Russian "? ? ?") was first established as a TV quiz show in 1975. In the original show a team of 6 experts brainstormed to respond to questions sent by the viewers, with 60 seconds to ponder and discuss each question and formulate the answer. Finding the right answer required not only pure knowledge but also logical thinking and intuition. More information about the game is available on Wikipedia.

In addition to the original TV version, which to this date is one of the most popular TV programs in Russia, a competitive variant exists that is played by over 10,000 teams in all countries of the former USSR and in Russian-speaking diasporas around the world, most notably in Israel, Germany, Finland, United States and Canada. In this version teams compete against each other on questions written by other teams or people who specialize on writing What? Where? When? questions. Toronto Club of Intellectual Games practices the competative version of What? Where? When?. Currently there are 7 permanent teams in the Club.

Every year, the Club organizes the Toronto Championship, a 10-game competition played over the course of 10 months. In addition to this, the Canada Championship is organized every year as a two-day event, with teams from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver competing for the top prize the Canadian Champion title. We also hold the bi-annual North Amercian championship "Ontariada", a two day event in which Canadian and USA teams compete in What? Where? When? and other intellectual games.

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